Photo by amber marlow

Photo by amber marlow

"Please just tell me what to tweet." 

"Please just tell me how to make my website better."

"Please just tell me: Why can't the people I'm trying to reach see the importance of the work I'm doing?"

What you're really saying is: "Please help me build my brand." Because that's what branding is about these days: It's not just a logo, or a clever tag line. It's how you tell your story, over and over again, every day, on social media, on your website, in email, and in all the other ways you interact with your target audiences, online and off.

Here's the good news: I can help. Just ask these happy clients.

Whether you need someone to create a soup-to-nuts strategy or to help you figure out one piece of the puzzle, to lead an initiative or train your team, I'm ready to be your partner. Just shoot me a quick note about what you're struggling with, and we'll take it from there.

Hopefully, you can tell just from reading this page that my approach is thoughtful and jargon-free. If that sounds like the kind of partner you're looking for, I hope you'll get in touch